I only got a short taste this week so I can’t formulate more than a first-impression opinion just yet, but over a few quick car rides to Villa Maria metro this I definitely got a good vibe off the new K103.7 morning show featuring Paul Graif, Ted Bird & Java.

Traditionally I’ve been a CHOM guy, but recently I’ve found myself searching for a fresh approach & I’m wondering if K103.7 won’t be it… In truth, there’s nothing wrong with CHOM – their morning show is exactly what a major city morning show should be. In fact, I think some of the negative press CHOM has gotten recently is exactly because they’re doing what they’re supposed to. CHOM has grown up and some people just aren’t prepared to accept that.

CHOM is a major station owned by a major corporation (Astral) in a major city, representing a community that has been slapped around silly over the past 25 years and doesn’t realize how big and important it is.

Montreal Anglos – the people CHOM represents, even if there is a sizable and important Franco audience – are still part of a huge community. We treat ourselves as small potatoes because the older generation of Anglos watched the community shrink dramatically & have spent the majority of their adult lives angry about it.

They’re the ones bemoaning CHOM’s shift to a more corporate outlet because they feel small and think CHOM should stay small and defiant like them.

But in reality, Montreal still has a powerful & vibrant Anglo community that is growing up and embracing the bigger picture. Not only are we more and more proudly bilingual, but a lot of us – myself included are not only proud Canadians, but proud Quebecers as well. We’ve grown up and our institutions need to grow up with us.

But – tangent over – that doesn’t mean we have to stick with those institutions only. CHOM will always have a spot saved on my radio pre-sets, but now I have an independent voice I can listen to when I don’t want to hear the same corporate playlist anymore; or when I change the station during the entertainment news (which is not allowed to be played in my car), I can go to a local station in K103 instead of shifting to some moron on the Buzz.

If they play their cards right, the people running K103 will position their show not as “against” CHOM, but simply as an indie alternative that people can go to for a more relaxed approach… Somewhere we can go on those days we don’t feel like being so grown up.