First of all, I’m as proud as a fan can be of the Canadiens. The Habs showed heart and hustle through these playoffs, beating the top two teams in the Eastern Conference all the way. I was confident they’d beat the Capitals, but never thought they’d hold a candle to the Penguins. When they eliminated the Pens in seven, I finally believed the impossible was becoming possible & the Canadiens would be on their way to the Stanley Cup Final.

Well, the Flyers out-hearted and out-hustled the Habs and are now deservedly on their way to the Finals to face the Blackhawks. But make no mistake, the Blackhawks are going to make short work of the Flyers. I didn’t write this down at the beginning of the year, but all along, I’ve been saying the Blackhawks are the best team in hockey. If Montreal had made it through, I’d probably be calling for a Chicago sweep.

Blackhawks in 5.

A few notes:

Mike Richards might be the best young captain in the National Hockey League… the only better young captain? Jonathan Toews; Michael Leighton has the chance to be the story of the year – but so does Antti Niemi; Anyone who knows anything about hockey shouldn’t be surprised the Hawks beat the Sharks – but I don’t think many saw a sweep coming; Hard to tell which team has more momentum right now, but Philly’s still riding high off coming back from being down 3-0 to the Boston Bruins.