It’s amazing what can be done when neighbours are willing to get together on a project. No need to look any farther than Westmount Recreation and NDG Soccer for a great example.

“The NDG Soccer Association is helping us by finding a home for women 17-plus to play soccer over the summer. We did not have enough women in that age category to offer a league this year so we partnered with them so that these young women can have a place to play,” said Westmount Rec coordinator Anitra Bostock.

This partnership was a no-brainer for NDG Soccer.

“Traditionally, community soccer programs have been directed at children up to the age of 17. We both have recognized, however, that there is an interest among young and older adults in the sport and both communities have developed recreational soccer programs for women and men of ages 18-plus,” said NDG’s Eric Heddle.

“As with our children, we are taking a similar approach of working together on developing programs for our seniors. Westmount has developed a very successful recreational soccer program which they offer to their community during the months of May & June. The NDGSA offers similar programs in June, July, and August.”

Soccer, Heddle said, is the ideal summer sport for people in both communities.

“We have recognize the health benefits of playing soccer in a relaxed and friendly environment and have responded to a desire from the more senior members of our community,” he said. “For example, currently, the NDGSA has a very active men’s recreational program as well as competitive teams for both senior women and men.

“We initiated a senior women’s program last year which we wish to expand. Our hope is to attract a sufficient number of senior players to make the program as successful as our younger age soccer programs are.”

Westmount should be able to help with that.

“NDG also has a 25-plus league that plays throughout the summer and we have a large number of women 25 and older who have found a love of soccer in recent years and many of them would like to continue to play throughout the summer,” Bostock said. “Unfortunately, many people who live in Westmount vacation out of the city for the summer and we do not have enough people to offer them a league for the summer.

“NDG has many people who play for them but, like us, people go away for parts of the summer, so by sending our players to them it allows NDG to have a full squad at each game.”

In the end, the whole thing just made sense.

“I think the main goal is to have people active in sport, specifically soccer, and if one organization cannot provide something and we can partner with someone else to keep people active then we do what we can to make that happen,” Bostock said. “NDG is a close community to ours and it is a logical choice to send players their way.”

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