A few quick thoughts while I have about 10 minutes left of the 20 free given to me by Amex on the Laguardia Airport wifi…

– New York City is the greatest place I’ve ever been and likely the most amazing city on Earth. I’ll have to visit quite a few more to really hammer that fact home, but I think it’ll be hard for anywhere to match the vibe and energy you feel in the streets – even if you’re only here for a couple of days.

– I really don’t mind ‘playing the tourist’ and seeing the sites like Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, etc. Some people try to act all cool when they visit this city and pretend they’re not impressed. Not the case with me – I am very impressed.

– With all that said, Laguardia is one of the fugliest, crustiest, most unenjoyable airports I have ever been to – and I’ve been to Athens, Greece. This airport is like the anti-NYC in terms of vibe and energy and looks like a bus terminal from the 1950s.

– That said, however, the people who work here are exceedingly nice and really do their best to make a boring scene enjoyable. Also, the security check was among the most pleasant and fast I’ve ever seen – way quicker than at Trudeau.

– I love taking short trips like this two-day jaunt to visit a client here in the Big Apple. It’s always fun to walk around a foreign place by myself, see the sites, smells the smells, taste the food… and walk around with no direction in mind when I have some free time.

– To be very honest, however, even two days being away from my wife Johanna, our dog Ruby-doo, and soon, our first child (due in May) is two days too much. But, as they say – absence makes the heart grow fonder! Really, it’s no big deal to be apart for a few days here and there – I’m just saying, everything in life is better with the people (and dogs!) you love. And, man, do I ever love my wife.

Can’t wait to be home in a couple of hours!