Pro athletes rarely live up to people’s expectations. You think someone’s a good guy based on his public persona, then next thing you know he’s sending a woman text messages with pictures of his private parts.

They tend to disappoint as role models so often, it seems, that it’s almost impossible to write a column about a genuinely good guy without first getting the negative stereotypes out of the way.

Milo in pre-season action this season. (Photo courtesy the Saskatchewan Roughriders)

Luckily for the hometown community he represents, Saskatchewan Roughrider kicker Christopher Milo is one of the good guys.

I first wrote about Milo almost about six years ago when he was kicking for the John Abbott Islanders and representing Canada at the junior world championships.

How time flies.

A chunk of years and two Vanier Cup titles with the Laval Rouge et Or later and Milo is now trying to crack his first pro roster after being selected by the Green Riders in the fourth round, 30th overall of this year’s CFL Canadian Draft.

Off-Sidel caught up with Milo in Regina:

Off-Sidel: Have you experienced a culture shock out in Saskatchewan?

Milo: The only real difference about being out here is that the scenery changes. Everything else is pretty much the same. Football is the same no matter where you go, however, being in ‘Rider Nation’ does have a very special feel to it. I’m glad and honoured to be a part of the Roughriders.”

Off-Sidel: You attended two training camps with the Montreal Alouettes as a junior player. How is your current experience different?

Milo: I must admit that I’ve come here with a different mentality than when I was with the Als. I’ve come out here hoping to do everything in my power to earn a spot on this football team.

It’s no easy task, but I’ve been working hard day in and day out to achieve that goal. Having been in training camp with the Als a few years back has really prepared me for what I’m going through this year, because I knew what to expect going in.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity they gave me a few years ago, but it’s not very hard to put my allegiance to Montreal aside as I’m now a member of another great organization and naturally have become a fan of the Green and White.

Off-Sidel: What do you expect to come of this experience?

Milo: If I make the cut, I will do what is asked of me, whether it’s just kicking or punting or both. I will be more than happy to start my CFL career right away! No matter what my role is, I will do it to the best of my abilities and do what i can to help the team succeed.

Off-Sidel will follow Milo throughout his rookie CFL season with periodic updates in the Free Press and on the Off-Sidel website:

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