July 8: Toronto 21 @ Winnipeg 11

After Week 1, I just feel like Toronto is going to surprise a lot of people this year with a bunch of tight wins. They might go 10-8. Winnipeg just seems like an underdog to me, despite their Week 1 win.

July 8: Calgary 42 @ BC 31

Both of these teams are capable of scoring a ton, but I’m betting Henry Burris is going to have one of his typical big games in response to a bitter loss. And he’s certainly been watching the film of the Alouettes smoking the BC defence in Week 1… BC will put in a good effort and score points, but Calgary will be too strong.

July 9: Montreal 35 @ Saskatchewan 31

It’ll be close, but it’s really tough to ever picks the Als to lose as long as Anthony Calvillo is under centre. Both these teams are great, but I’ll pretty much always bank on A.C. to win, and win a lot. Nothing bad to say about the Riders despite their Week 1 loss – they’ll be fine overall, but I’m calling an 0-2 start to the season for them.

July 9: Tiger-Cats 10 @ Eskimos 22

It only took a week, but the Ticats are a mess. Maybe they can sort it out, but it seems like the team’s identity is more linked to Avon Cobourne’s Twitter account (@AvonCobourne) than anything happening on the field. Don’t get me wrong, I like Coboune’s tweets and I know the guy personally – he’s alright. It just seems like the only interesting thing coming out of Hamilton is from their running back in 140 characters or less. And after Kevin Glenn’s Week 1 embarrassment, getting pulled from the game before getting a chance to mount a comeback, you’ve got to wonder how deep his coach has gotten into his head. It alsmost seems like Week 2 is already make-or-break for a Ticats team that has all the talent in the world, but seems to lack direction.
On the other side of the ball, Edmonton had a great game last week… I think they’re going to build on it and take advantage of Hamilton’s issues.

Off-Sidel’s Week 1 record: 2-2
Off-Sidel’s 2011 record so far: 2-2