I’m something of a news junkie, especially when it comes to anything Montreal and Quebec/Canadian politics. I follow a ton of blogs and news sites through Google Reader, and I’m constantly looking for new and interesting sources.

Countless blogs and sites have come and gone from my feed, but one has remained far longer than all others and I feel like giving it a little bit of random praise this morning: The Montreal City Weblog is really the best local news aggregator and source for commentary around. I have no connection to the person who runs the site and I know nothing about her, except that I know she’s a she because her posts all say “By Kate” – so to be very clear, I’m not promoting a friend’s site or anything like that.

I just think her site is fantastic and I think if you’re at all interested in local news, be it politics, sports, city news, arts, whatever, that you need to subscribe to her site, or at least visit regularly.

I don’t know if “Kate” will ever see this post, but if she does… thanks, Kate – and please keep it up!

Happy holidays.


How to read the Montreal City Weblog:

Site: w5.montreal.com/mtlweblog/

RSS feed: http://w5.montreal.com/mtlweblog/?feed=rss2

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mtlcity

Facebook: Actually, she dropped Facebook a while back.