Let’s be straight right from the get-go: I’ve never liked soccer.

It’s boring. And yeah, I’m a huge baseball fan and I’ve heard all the arguments about baseball being slow and boring, etc. and so forth. Soccer bores me because, well, basically nothing happens for like 85 of the 90-plus minutes of a given game. But this isn’t about why I love baseball and have never been into soccer.

I might be able to become a fan of the team, but this logo is atrocious. (copied from montrealimpact.com)

No, this is a commitment to give soccer one last, God’s honest shot, and there’s no better time that the spring of 2012 and the arrival of the Montreal Impact into Major League Soccer.

I don’t care that MLS is not the top soccer in the world – as I said, I’ve found all levels of the game terrible boring. So the fact that MLS soccer is not a strong as Premier League or whatever else is going on in the world makes no difference to me. I’m going to try and cheer for the Impact as a Montreal sports fan above all else.

I love the Alouettes and Canadiens and miss the Expos dearly. Spring is a tough time of year for me because that’s when baseball is at its grandest stage outside of the World Series. There’s just nothing in sports that matches the resolute promise of Spring Training when all 30 MLB fan bases truly believe their team has a shot to go all the way, no matter how bleak the road ahead may actually be.

That’s why I call baseball “the sport of eternal optimism.”

When the Expos were stolen from us in 2004, it left a void in my heart. I don’t think any one team can fill that void, but I’ve since tried hard to be a New York Mets fan and it’s coming along slowly. That said, they’ll never fill the void 100 per cent, so that leaves room, so to speak, for the Impact.

I pledge from here until the end of the 2012 MLS season to really try hard to become a fan of the Montreal Impact. There will be plenty of games on TV and maybe I’ll even go to one or two…

So here’s to pro soccer in Montreal – go Impact!