Yesterday was the end of the road. After Bell Canada accused me of causing $250 worth of “damage to loaner phone” and then a manager literally laughed at me on the phone and told me he’d “compromise” and split the difference, I abandoned ship and went to Telus.

What did Telus do? I’m not going to disclose exactly how AMAZING of a deal they gave me because it was one of those “one-time-only” situations because of how awful Bell treated me. Suffice to say while it took me nearly six months of begging, pleading and fighting with Bell to get them to come anywhere close to proper customer service, Telus welcomed me with open arms and solved my problem in literally one afternoon.

I’m now on the hook for this completely bull charge of $250 (or maybe $125, I’m really not sure), plus a cancellation fee of close to $350. And you know what? To get away from Bell, it’s worth it.

Bell Mobility is the worst company I have ever dealt with on any level. Sure, Air Canada has its issues, and frankly, every company has a bump in the road here and there… I’m sure Telus won’t be angels all the time either. But Bell seemingly goes out of its way to make customers feel like garbage.

I am not a person who likes to boycott things, but you can be sure it’ll be a *very long time before I ever even remotely consider getting any product or service with Bell again. My wife and in-laws will also be leaving Bell as soon as is feasible. I may or may not pursue legal action to recoup the made-up damage charge.

Bell, thank you for one year of miserable service. This’ll get chalked up as a life lesson, and you can be sure I’ll do whatever I can to keep everyone I know as far away from Bell products and services as possible. I’m just one person and I’m well aware that Bell doesn’t give a crap about me, but every little bit helps to send a message.

Consider the message sent, Bell.

*Update: On Mar. 10, 2014, I signed up for Bell Fibe TV, Bell internet & Bell home phone service. This was because the head of Quebecor (who owns Videotron), Pierre Karl Peladeau is running for the PQ and is in a huge possible conflict-of-interest. He has resigned from the companies, but is still the major shareholder and refuses to sell his shares if he wins his seat. I refuse to give him my money, so I’ve signed up with Bell. I’ve had terrible experiences with Bell in the past, but here’s to hoping this will go well. It’s worth the risk to not support PKP.