It seems like my miserable tenure as a Bell Canada customer has finally come to an end with an acceptable resolution.

As I struggled through my unbelievable customer service nightmare (well documented here, here, and here), I took the the blogosphere and Twitter to make my voice heard by someone at Bell who might actually give a crap. After all, repeated calls to many customer service agents, department managers, and even the Bell “executive” complaints department basically all fell on deaf ears.

The long story short: 1) I bought a BlackBerry Torch and signed a three-year contact with Bell in February of 2011; 2) The Torch was faulty and had to be repaired several times – I asked for a replacement Torch and was laughed and and abused by Bell customer service; 3) When I finally told them I was cancelling my contract, someone at the executive office decided to actually help and traded my defective Torch for an iPhone 4; 4) Just when I thought it was over, they tried to ding me with a $250 charge for “damage to loaner phone,” claiming it was scratched.

The loaner phone bull was the last straw and I cancelled my contract, joined Telus (who really took good care of me), went on a Twitter rampage against Bell, and then finally (FINALLY!) someone truly competent at Bell actually helped me.

The conclusion

I received a phone call from the Director of Customer Care late last week – after cancelling and ranting about it on Twitter and this blog – and she did something practically unthinkable for a Bell employee from what I had experienced so far: She apologized.

Yeah, just a straight-up apology. Not one of those “I’m-sorry-but-it’s-really-your-fault-and-here’s why…” apologies. No, a real, genuine “I’m sorry, this shouldn’t have happened.” She said to me outright that none of this should ever have gone down the way it did and that they should have just replaced my BlackBerry Torch after the second repair. On top of it, she said she was literally embarrassed about the $250 charge they tried to lay on me for “damage to loaner phone.”

So not only did she waive the $250 nonsense fee, she also waived the $364 cancellation fee.

So after all that – six solid months of sheer misery as a Bell customer, someone finally got it right. I’m not free and clear of any financial obligations to Bell – to the extent that I actually have a $50 credit on my account with them.

All that said, I don’t think I’ll truly feel “free” from Bell for a few months. My trust level is justifiably very low and I’m concerned they’ll somehow try to backcharge me something or try to otherwise mess with me, but at least I now know how to reach someone who can actually help if that does happen.