These students protest are absurd. It doesn’t take a 1,000-word essay on the subject to explain that the current rate of university financing is not sufficient to sustain our schools at the level they’re at, let alone have them grow in the future.

The students protesting in the streets, skipping class, and blocking bridges obviously have no concept of basic economics and think school should be free.

I heard one of the student leaders on the radio this morning talking about how blocking bridges is the only way to make the government listen. The government isn’t listening because the student leaders’ arguments are invalid – and the voting, working public has exactly zero sympathy for the entitled brats.

Well, actually, under-performing, over-compensated union leaders and workers the province over support this immature cause. The rest of us think you all need to get your butts in class and grow the hell up.

I fully support the Line Beauchamp and Charest Liberals being the first government maybe in the history of our province to stand up to unions – be it in the construction sector or with these students. Unions are the bane of our society and are dragging us deeper and deeper into debt and disorder.

These students are utterly wrong in both their principles and their actions and the government must continue to stand up in the face of their belligerence, lest they succeed and further continue to bankrupt our society. Allowing the students to get their way would cause the quality of our schools to continue to drop and create a generation of empowered, self-entitled spoiled brats.

Post-secondary education is not a right, it’s a privilege that people have to work for. These students are obvious allergic to work.

Nothing in life is not free, no matter how matter how hard some may wish for it. These kids need a strong dose of reality and the government has to stay strong and dole out the correct medicine.