I’ve completely had it with people calling the ongoing student boycott of school/protests the “Printemps érable/Maple Spring.” I don’t care what your perspective is on the issue of tuition hikes and the resulting insanity that’s been going on for the past 100-plus days. Yea or nay on the tuition increases, comparing what’s going on here with the Arab Spring movement that began last year and is still going on with all of the terror in Syria and surrounding nations is completely off the mark.

Even the most left-wing, police-hating, government-bashing, most-likely-separatist, socialist Quebecer can’t tell me for even a fraction of a second that his/her life is even close to as difficult/terrifying as anyone is experiencing in the Middle East.

These are countries where people are literally killed with bombs and missiles shot at them by their own government. Meanwhile in Quebec, students and protesters (not always the same thing) are out smashing everything in sight – last I checked, no one has called in the army and Jean Charest and hasn’t requested that Stephen Harper order the military to start killing people.

The Arab Spring movement came out of a generation of citizens reacting to real oppression in nations that show contempt for freedom, liberty and generally, humanity, for the personal gain of the ruling class. Is Bill 78 bad? Yes, parts of it are terrible and shouldn’t/probably won’t hold up in court… but even at its worst, Bill 78 doesn’t allow the government to MURDER people because they’re protesting.

Calling the student boycott/protests “Printemps érable/Maple Spring” is arrogant and should be offensive to anyone with the slightest bit of perspective on the real world.

Whether what’s going on in Quebec right now is right or wrong, this movement cannot and should not be compared to anything going on in the Arab world. If tanks start rolling in the streets and missiles start being fired from fighter jets into crowds of protesters on Ste. Catherine St., we’ll talk about it then. Up until then, let’s try to show a little perspective.