Eastern Division standings/records:

1) Montreal 12-6-0
2) Hamilton 12-6-0
3) Winnipeg 9-9-0
4) Toronto 7-11-0

Western Division Standings

1) BC 13-5-0
2) Calgary 11-7-0
3) Saskatchewan 6-12-0
4) Edmonton 2-16-0


East: Anthony Calvillo
West: Travis Lulay
MOP: Travis Lulay
(I’m always cheering for AC and I think he’ll have another phenomenal season, but the trend is for voters to root for the young guy these days, so on that note, they’ll go with Lulay. No chance of a receiver or a defensive player winning this award because it’s grossly biased towards QBs and the occasional RB.)

Top receiver:

Jamel Richardson breaks 2,000 yards if he plays all 18 games

Top RB:

Hard to vote against Brandon Whitaker and the Montreal running game after the last few years, but I feel like Calgary and Edmonton are going to have to lean heavily on their RBs with inexperienced QBs. I’ll go with Calgary’s Jon Cornish having a breakthrough, 1,000-yard-plus season to lead the league.


I don’t have the energy to break down individual players on D – but I’m confident Winnipeg and BC will be at the head of the class. It’s no secret that Winnipeg needs strong defence to win games as they’re not going to light anyone up. With that in mind, I say Winnipeg edges BC for the stingiest D in the CFL this season.