It would be one thing to cry foul about security expenditures if the student unions leading the school boycott in Quebec had a true mandate. These groups, however, don’t have a true mandate and are disrupting society well beyond the scope of their own perceived injustice. These are self-entitled, immature kids being empowered and funded by selfish unions who are interested in nothing but fleecing society for their own personal gain.

From the Montreal Gazette (

Concordia and McGill Universities wanted to protect against vandals but Ēliane Laberge, president of the Fédération étudiante collégiale du Québec, said the extra spending shows poor management of public funds, especially at McGill since that university was barely affected by the student strikes.

Yanick Grégoire, executive vice-president of the Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec, said the spending was wasteful. He criticized both universities that, he said, preferred taking a repressive attitude against a social movement instead of listening to the student demands.

Considering that not one student union has held a proper, independently-audited secret-ballot vote on whether to boycott class shows that in reality, the student leaders know they don’t have a true mandate. That schools – especially downtown campuses – are protecting themselves by hiring additional security should be criticized by a misguided group of union pawns like the student associations is foolish.

The student leaders like to claim that they’re acting in the name of democracy. Well, probably the most fundamental aspect of democracy is the ability for the majority to vote is a secret ballot, not have a small group of like-minded people make decisions with a show of hands.

Hold a true, independently-supervised secret ballot when school resumes this fall and win – and I’ll shut my mouth. Until then, this movement is simply not legitimate.

As a result, I fully believe that any costs associated with this movement should be directly removed from next year’s student budget. Making taxpayers foot the bill for an illegitimate movement is not right.