I believe the Liberal government will call an election in the next 2 weeks or less. My prediction is a very slim PQ minority government with the PLQ finishing 2nd and the CAQ not far behind in 3rd, and maybe 5 protest vote seats for the anti-business, anti-Canada, anti-everything-pro-nothing Quebec Solitaire.

This will lead to six months or so of a completely handcuffed and misguided PQ government that will be defeated as soon as it tries to pass a budget, and the PLQ will come back to power in a spring election as a strong minority with the balance of power going to the CAQ after the PQ is crushed.

My hope for the future
Pauline Marois will then resign and hopefully disappear into a hole for the rest of her natural life and the separatist movement will become too radicalized to be a reasonable option anymore.

The PLQ and CAQ will then get to the business of trying to move the province forward while the PQ flounders and battles with Option Nationale and Quebec Solitaire for the separatist and leftist votes while the rest of us try together along with our lives.