For anyone contemplating voting for the PQ in response to the PLQ’s impostion of Bill 78, I’d just like to point out that the PQ is the party of Bill 101 – probably the most restrictive and oppressive law in all of Canada, in any context (in its original form*).

If you’re a civil libertarian thinking of voting PQ out of opposition to the “evil” Bill 78, I think you need to have some serious sober second thought. One of the PQ’s main platform items is to expand the schooling restrictions Bill 101 to daycares and Cegeps.

That a party can base its platform on limiting people’s options and taking away their rights and be applauded for it by the very people it is limiting is absolutely mind-blowing to me.



*I have always supported the majority of Bill 101, but to not admit that it restricts rights is simply being blinded by dogma. That doesn’t mean you don’t agree with the restrictions, but nevertheless, it is a restrictive law.