Why CAQ?

Other than the fact that I like a lot of their economic policies, Francois Legault has made it clear the PQ’s game of “chasse-aux-anglos” will not be pursued in an CAQ government. Also, as much as I like Jean Charest – and I really do for the most part – I’m not buying into his scare tactics this time.

Here’s an example (from The Gazette) of why Legault is slowly pulling me to his camp:

The platform is a mix of conservative and liberal ideas, and has a clear Quebec nationalist bent. “We want to defend the interest of Quebec within the Canadian federation,” Legault said.

“We want to end this division that we have had in Quebec for too long between federalists and sovereignists but I want to be quite clear: A Coalition Avenir Québec government will not promote Quebec sovereignty and will not promote Canadian unity.

What we want is to boost our identity, make efforts to defend the Francization of Quebec , in Montreal, among other places. We want to better integrate immigrants in Quebec and promote our culture better.”


For the first time in my life, I’m leaning towards a party other than the PLQ