Sometimes a uniform refresh hits right on the mark and is just what a team needs – and there were quite a few hits in the CFL/Reebok 2012 uniform program. The Edmonton Eskimos are a case of Jekyll and Hyde.


Home jersey:
Tradition: 5/5
Modernity: 5/5
VS comparables: 5/5 (Packers, Argos, Ticats)
Functionality: 5/5
Does it look/feel right?: 5/5
Overall: 25/25

The Esks home jerseys are the definition of tradition/modernity married into a practical and sharp design. The arm stripes are a call to the past,the logo the arm nestles perfectly into the striping, and even the shadowing on the numbers – which I normally don’t love – works. This is just a good jersey that screams class and tradition.

Road jersey:
Tradition: 2/5
Modernity: 5/5
VS comparables: 5/5 (Seahawks, Broncos)
Functionality: 5/5
Does it look/feel right?: 0/5
Overall: 17/25

I just don’t like these. They don’t feel right, they don’t look right – they’re just not right. They’re functional, yes, but these unis are an affront to a franchise that is steeped in tradition. They don’t work. This would be a great uniform for an Arena Football League team in Missoula, Montana, but it doesn’t work for the Eskimos. I compare these easily to the terrible new Seahawks uniforms and the doo-hicky filled Broncos jerseys that have been around for the last decade-and-change. The theory with these uniforms appears to have been “let’s take a decent template and add a bunch of crap to it even though we had perfectly nice uniforms before this mess.”

I guarantee the Eskimos are out of this embarrassment within the next 3-4 seasons. This club has too much class to maintain this mess long-term. They’ll inch back to something more classic with an alternate jersey that will slowly replace this. Can’t happen soon enough.

OVERALL: 42/50