Update (May 8, 2014): During the 2014 election campaign, some people in the PQ tried to use this post as a weapon against both myself and the CAQ. I stand by every word in this piece and have not altered a word despite the blowup. That said, it’s important to qualify a few things for future readers: 1) This is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the PQ of 2012… I don’t, for a second, believe the PQ would ban the English language. Not only is that impossible, it’s a ridiculous notion. 2) Regarding the “No Dogs or Anglophones” blog/comments on Nazism: There is no evil in the history of humanity on par with the Nazis. Say what you will about the PQ, but not that they are, by any extent of the imagination, Nazis. 3) Finally, regarding Bill 101: I have always supported the vast majority of Bill 101. I’ll admit that there are some aspects I’m less comfortable with, notably the limitation of francophone Quebecers’ rights to choose what schools to send their kids to, but just because I acknowledge the limitations on certain rights doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re appropriate. 

Original post (unaltered):

As I’ve said all along, I’m not against the Liberal Party of Quebec. I’m a little tired of Jean Charest’s a-vote-for-the-CAQ-is-a-vote-for-a-referendum scare tactics, but overall I’ve always found him to be a competent, if uninspiring premier.

I have felt taken for granted as a Quebec anglo by the PLQ over the years, but I’ve also found them to basically be doing a good job managing the province.

That said, I’m ready for a change and I like a lot of the CAQ’s ideas. I don’t even care the Francois Legault is a life-long separatist. Frankly, I’m sure there are plenty of separatists in the PLQ who choose to remain silent on the subject, instead choosing to focus on the business of governing.

But with Pauline Marois bringing the PQ to the most extreme, bigoted, arrogant levels I’ve ever seen it, I’m starting to actually fear a possible PQ government for real.

There’s a guy who runs a great blog called “No Dogs or Anglopones” that I read regularly. I’m starting to feel like a PQ government might actually go as far as to start posting those signs and forcing us dirty Anglos to wear a big A on our sleeves.

I’m not even kidding – I don’t take Nazi comparisons lightly. It’s impossible to believe the PQ would ever try to kill anyone, so you can’t go too far with the comparison… But it’s not hard to imagine a PQ-governed province in which the English language is simply banned.

Pauline Marois is at the point where I’m literally frightened of her.

My response may just be to vote PLQ once again as a defence mechanism.

That said, I’m not afraid that Legault is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I think he’s genuine in wanting to bring conservative-style governance to Quebec – la question nationale notwithstanding.

I think Marois’ utter insanity and bigotry, however, may just end up as Charest’s ticket back to majority territory.

I’m still leaning CAQ, but not by much, and the CAQ can thank Pauline Marois for that.