Here is the text of another complaint letter sent to Air Canada. I’m tired of complaining, but I also refuse to accept their attitude towards their clients. We have a very limited choice in this country and we need to stand up for ourselves. (*Letter not proof-read – possible typos)


I’m writing today because I’m utterly fed up with Air Canada’s customer service.

I want to start by highlighting that I think Air Canada’s in-flight service is absolutely excellent. I’ve almost never had a negative experience with a flight attendant – in fact, most of the time I find them to be really wonderful, nice, cooperative people who truly want to help.

I have no complaints about your planes – I’m always comfortable and always feel safe, which I think is most important.

But with all that said, your customer support on the ground, on the phone, or generally in any context off the place is atrocious and makes me want to avoid flying Air Canada.

Today, my sister – who has Air Canada Super Elite status on top of everything else – was trying to go into the lounge with her KOSHER meal before her flight and the attendant refused to allow her in because of “policy.” She and I both found this to be utterly abhorrent and while she attempted to have her situation rectified, we also both tweeted about the experience.

I was given this response by your PR team on Twitter: “Hi Noah, as per our policy, which is clearly stated at the lounge, no outside food or beverages are allowed inside. It could it could be any food – it won’t be allowed in.”

That, I’m sorry, is completely unacceptable. It’s 2012 not 1982 – coverall “policy” excuses are not a modern and professional way of dealing with individual customers. This isn’t a slipperly-slope kind of situation… she eats only kosher food. What was she supposed to do? Not eat? She wasn’t bringing in smelly, offensive food that would hurt the character of the lounge. I understand that the lounge has a certain character that should not be disturbed, but surely room attendants can use some better judgment and apply some common decency.

For the record, I’d say the same for Hallal food or vegan food, etc. It’s a matter of treating people like humans, not like commodities.

In the end, it was a PILOT that overheard the conversation that solved the problem. He brought her into the lounge himself.

It’s pretty pathetic that a pilot happened to overhear the conversation and only then was someone able to apply any sort of decency to allow her to eat her meal in peace.

This letter isn’t about discounts, compensation, whatever. It’s about trying to appeal to someone at Air Canada to start getting AC staff to treat people like human beings. It’s not only about this incident – another example is something that happened to me last year when a baggage attendant in Toronto was so hostile that I ended up complaining and getting a huge discount on my next flight as compensation…

Why does it always take long-winded complaints and pleading to resolve situations? Also, why is the only resolution Air Canada can ever come up with is to give discounts on upcoming flights? You can’t keep throwing money at the problem to fix it.

I wish someone at Air Canada would take some leadership and stop accepting employees who have no ability to show empathy with stressed, tired, and otherwise unhappy fliers. I realize you can’t win every battle, but it seems like every 2nd flight anyone in our family or business takes with AC, there’s some sort of absurd problem.

It shouldn’t have to be this way.

Again, I’m not looking for someone to reply with “Mr. Sidel, here’s a discount, we’re sorry.” I don’t want a discount. I want action.

For what it’s worth, it would absolutely be my pleasure to meet with someone or have a conversation with someone at AC to give my opinions on what AC could do better to treat customers like human beings. I don’t just want to complain all the time – it would be my pleasure to be part of the solution.

Can’t Air Canada do better?