With a couple of weeks to cool down and give it some more thought, I’m even more encouraged lately by my decision to vote for the CAQ in the last provincial election. Unlike the “Orange Wave” that swept up Quebec in the last federal election, I believe the momentum the Coalition Avenir Quebec gained in this month’s provincial election has some substance and we may be on the verge of real change in this province’s political sphere.

They’ll have to prove it over the next few months, but I believe the CAQ is for real and that anglos need to take a serious look at them for next year’s inevitable election when the minority PQ government collapses.

Only time will tell, but something about Francois Legault the businessman speaks to me and I feel that if he got into power – even as a minority – that his party would finally swing the debate away from “separate-or-don’t-separate-blah-blah-blah” to a real left/centre/right conversation about where we want to go as a society. You know, like they do in the rest of the world where they don’t just debate one issue for 45 years…

They represent, however, the chance to move left/right instead of backwards with the PQ/PLQ debate of the past.

In any case, I want to highlight to all my anglo/federalist friends and readers that refused to “vote for a separatist” because of Legault’s PQ/separatist past that while there was a big hullabaloo about the Parti Quebecois removing the Canadian flag from the National Assembly during their swearing in, that the flag was back in place for the CAQ and PLQ swearings-in.

Was I shocked, surprised or even offended that the PQ took it down? Not even slightly – THEY’RE SEPARATISTS!!! Anyone shocked needs to take their bonnet off and open their eyes… it’s called reality. Frankly, I couldn’t give a damn what the PQ does in this regard – it’s to be expected.

But I was very pleased to find out that Legault had the Maple Leaf back in place for his own party’s swearing-in. He could have easily said, “no, it’s gone, we don’t have to deal with that hot potato.” Instead, he chose to make a statement to federalists that, yeah, he’s a nationalist and always will be – but he believes Quebec now has its place in Canada and is prepared to go to bat for Quebecers within the Canadian federation.

All the more reason I’m happy with my choice to vote CAQ last Sept. 4.

Photo borrowed from: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/agree+Bill+proposal+Liberals/7262408/story.html