J-F Lisee (@jflisee) responsible for #Montreal & Anglos? Why not just hire Raymond Villeneuve instead?

Don Macpherson really summed if up right in this column. I’m rarely surprised by anything the PQ does since you shouldn’t be surprised when a clown makes you laugh, but this one is a little extra insane.

Once he became a PQ candidate for the Sept. 4 election, Lisée became the party’s leading spokesman in its xenophobic campaign against linguistic minorities.

In a PQ communiqué titled “With a Parti Québécois government, Montreal will remain predominantly French-speaking,” Lisée, now the minister in Marois’s government responsible for the city, said:

“We refuse to be the generation that will see Montreal marginalize French! We shall not accept that francophones soon are in the minority on the island and we shall not let French lose its critical mass in Quebec’s metropolis.”

Does that read as anglo-friendly to you?

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**Note: It’s called satire. Lisée doesn’t blow things up. Just runs his mouth.

One thought on “J-F Lisee (@jflisee) responsible for #Montreal & Anglos? Why not just hire Raymond Villeneuve instead?

  1. On Radio Noon, CBC, 08 Nov 2012 –
    PQ Minister, J. F.Lisée spoke about Tremblay’s resignation: “…RELIEF…” he said “.. since he was ineffective …”; “SADNESS” he cont’d …. “for all the energy & effort he had put into his career as mayor…..” WOW!!!
    Lise cont’d: When asked about the likliehood of the corruption continuing: “… under so much scrutiny it would be impossible for wrong-doings at this moment! …”
    PLEASE NOTE THE “at this moment!” part of the quote..

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