The following is an email I sent to a Brother Canada representative this morning after a helpful 5-minute conversation about a problem I was having with my printer:


I wanted to thank you for your excellent service today. So far I’ve had to call Brother on 2 separate occasions for technical support and the service was excellent both times.

I’ve had many, many, many utterly horrible customer service experiences with some of Brother’s competitors in the past – not to mention the terrible service I’ve received from Bell Canada and Air Canada, amongst other major companies.

When a company as significant as Brother goes above and beyond to give support the way it does, I think it should be highlighted and used as an example for other big and small companies.

Instead of the “it’s not our fault” mentality that companies like Bell Canada and Air Canada have repeatedly shown, Brother’s message to me was “How can we help you? We value your business.”

I really appreciate it.

With service like this, you can be sure our company will continue using Brother for our printing needs for the long term.

Please make sure this email is seen by a supervisor in your department. I think it’s important they know they have a very happy customer.

Noah Sidel

A company that actually gives a damn about its clients.