I’m not going to re-post the infamous picture because I don’t really want to look at it again, but just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the Gazette’s story on it, pic included.

I think instead of going all “Angryphone” and going into a rant about how backwards Quebec is like a 65-year-old Anglo from the West Island who threatens to pack up and move to Toronto every time he’s offended, my approach on this is to look at it as a straight-up case of bigotry.

I’m not going to go all “Angryphone” about this, but it’s still offensive.

This, to me, is just like if the sign something about not serving blacks and Jews, or any other specific group. These are problems that happen everywhere in the world – just instead of people throwing around the “n-word,” the bigots in our home focus on us evil Anglos.

Here’s what I think: This guy is a piece of garbage who sits underground behind glass taking tickets from d-bag teenagers all day. He’s probably grossly overpaid as a unionized worker, but in general has a shitty, no-education-required-no-future job and is probably just a miserable human being.

So, you know what? Screw him.

He’s not going to be disciplined in any fashion because God-forbid someone who does something wrong is ever actually punished in our nanny-state-union-rule society. But when I wake up each morning with a bright future ahead of me, I think – fuck him and people like him. Life is too good to be so bothered by trash like this guy.

The bottom line is that our public service is rife with racist/bigoted pieces of shit like buddy with his sign. In the end, karma will take care of him and his ilk.

Au Québec, I’ll speak whatever language I want to and you can stick your sign up your ass, buddy.