I just took a quick look at the 2012 MLS standings on a whim and realized that Toronto FC was just absolutely terrible this year. Not only did they win only five games, not only did they allow the most goals against in the league, but they managed to finish seven wins and four places behind the Montreal Impact who were an expansion team this season. Simply terrible soccer from a terribly-run organization.

In six years in MLS, Toronto has never made the playoffs, has had seven managers, and basically has never even resembled a competent organization. I blame it on what I’m calling “The Curse of the Argonauts.”

If you’ll remember, when the Argos were owned by David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski, the CFL club was looking to get out of the SkyDome/Rogers Centre and was very interested in partnering with the expansion MLS team for a shared stadium complex that would have been a great fit for both teams.

Instead, MLSE – who own Toronto FC – not only slapped over a hundred years of Canadian football history in the face by calling their team the Toronto “Football” Club, but they went ahead and used taxpayer money to build a stadium that could not be expanded for the Argos.

Now it’s six years later and the Toronto MLS club has been nothing but utterly disorganized, bumbling and incompetent.

It’s called karma, TFC.