If you follow my blog, you know I was really upset with Starbucks a few weeks back. Well, it took a little longer than it should have, but the good people at Starbucks have really stepped up to the plate and made me feel like a valued client.

No sense in re-hashing the whole store here when you can just click here and read it… but the long story short is that their service was brutal and their customer service department was basically blowing me off.

It all changed when I finally received a call from the coffee chain’s regional manager a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t try to buy my satisfaction with a gift card like most chains do. Rather, he engaged me in a meaningful conversation about my experiences at his store and then asked if I’d be willing to give them ongoing feedback and help be part of the solution.

I will say that he did end up giving me a certain amount of money on a gift card, but it’s with the intention of me using that money at the TMR location and giving him feedback on whether things are better, worse, or the same now that they’ve made some meaningful changes in the way that store is located.

I’m extremely satisfied with the way this shook out, even if it did take them almost 2 months to help.