The leaderless Liberal Party of Quebec proved to be total cowards today, essentially supporting the travesty that is the Parti Quebecois’ 2012-13 budget by not showing up. The budget passed by one vote.  This quote from a Montreal Gazette article on the issue pretty much sums it up:

The PQ government managed to win the vote because enough Liberals refrained from voting. As Liberal finance critic Raymond Bachand explained, a Léger Marketing poll indicates 65 per cent of Quebecers are opposed to a new election at this time.

I read that as “we have no leader and no respect for our constituents or the principles we supposedly stand for.” As each day goes by, I’m more and more in the CAQ’s corner. At least Francois Legault has some balls.

Read the full story here (if you get blocked by the Gazette paywall, just clear your cookies):