Barbara Kay is right on in describing Pauline Marois’ lack of condemnation of the desecration of a Canadian flag this week cowardly. Marois has demonstrated time and time again that her lone skill is hanging on to power – not being a leader. If she were a true leader, she’d have come out and said “it doesn’t matter if you’re a separatist or a federalist, or anything else – the desecration of a flag is not acceptable and I condemn it.”

Instead, she took the weasely, cowardly way out, refusing to comment.

Kay sums it up nicely:

It shouldn’t matter to a real leader whose flag is on the flagpole and whose is being run over by a car. All flag desecration is unethical and politically inadmissible. Ms. Marois should respond to any such incidents promptly and unequivocally, making it clear that sovereignty is a condition to be achieved through civilized means, not emotional barbarism.

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