I’ve never listened to CBC’s “This is That” and I don’t know if it’s funny or not, but I do know that they set off quite the hullabaloo this afternoon by posting a phony story about a Montreal city councillor suggesting a by-law to force dogs to be bilingual.

From the posting:

Earlier this week, Montreal city councilor Benoit LaDouce proposed a bylaw that would require all dogs in public parks to be bi-lingual. According to Mr. LaDouce, “Dogs parks in our city are chaotic and communication is at the heart of the conflict.” In his mind, K9/citizen relations would be more harmonious if dogs in public spaces understood commands in both English and French. (Read the rest here: http://goo.gl/4kVp3 – there’s also some audio there)

The thing that stresses me out about this whole thing is that PEOPLE BELIEVE IT! And I don’t even think they’re crazy for believing it. What I do think is totally batshit crazy, however, is the fact that we live in such a state thanks to the Parti Quebecois, that people actually are inclined to think “well, that’s nuts, but really not that much of a stretch.”

What a strange world we live in.