From the National Post: Islanders stay focused on playoffs despite talk of early move to Brooklyn

…”So, after two decades of trawling the bottom, of testing the patience of their most resolute fans, the Islanders might finally be building. And just in time to leave town.”

Leaving town? Hardly. Islanders fans should consider themselves lucky that their team is moving to Brooklyn and not to Quebec City, Kansas City or Seattle. As a lifelong Expos fan who still dreads every spring even nine years after losing Nos Amours to Washington, I find it a little exasperating when I hear of Islander fans complaining that their team is moving, like, an hour away. By train. 

The bottom line is that Uniondale can’t support the team anymore and no one will pony up for a much-needed new rink, but there’s the perfectly good, brand new Barclays Center just down the way. It’s a win-win: The city gets to keep its team and probably even have a shot at increasing its fan base now that it’s in a more accessible area, and the fans won’t have to watch their team of up-and-comers grow into a championship contender in another location.