If the Bruins win tonight, the Canadiens will face the Maple Leafs in the playoffs for the first time in a generation.

I don’t really care that Toronto has had Montreal’s number basically all season (last game of the year notwithstanding)… Habs/Leafs is supposed to be one of the great rivalries in all of sport, but no one in their 30s or younger has ever seen these teams in a playoff battle.

The truth is that a rivalry isn’t truly a rivalry without some nasty playoff action. That’s why I’ve always hated the Bruins and Nordiques, and have been more like, annoyed by the Leafs.

Toronto is more like the annoying friend your little brother brings over and insists on watching Shining Time Station while GI Joe is on than a rival who gets under your skin.

Maybe a great playoff series will change that.

Go Habs!