In the first Round, I’ve got the Penguins beating the Islanders in a sweep. The Isles have been a nice story this season, but Sidney Crosby will be back and he’ll be some kind of mad after missing the last few weeks of the season on a fluke injury. New York just has no chance.

Closer to home, I’ve got the Habs over the Sens in seven. Honestly, I’m just being a total homer here. I think the teams are probably a wash, but Montreal gets the edge because a) they’re my team, and b) playing in Ottawa is practically a home game. Scotiabank Place will be totally overrun with Canadiens fans and Ottawa fans have the collective personality of a tube of toothpaste.

I’ve got the Rangers beating the Caps for no other reason than my long-standing belief that no team will ever win with Alex Ovechkin as its captain (I said the same about Eric Lindros and was correct – selfish me-first guys don’t make good captains).

Finally, I’m giving the Leafs the edge over the Bruins because they have that scrappy quality that usually gets a team a series or two deeper than they should go. I think the Bruins are arrogant and expect to cream the Leafs and that’s going to bite them in the behind.