While I’d rather see a separatist-in-disguise NDP in the federal driver’s seat in Quebec than the ridiculous Bloc Quebecois, it’s still important to acknowledge what they are: They are not a federalist party. They are a federal party led by a someone who is more interested in solidifying the separatist vote that used to go to the BQ than becoming the next government.

Everyone knows the NDP is a joke and will never actually become the government of Canada. The “Orange Wave” built on Jack Layton’s smile and vapid, empty dialogue about “progress” did wonders for the party in Quebec’s separatist heartland, but there’s no real substance to the party. So instead of trying to build its credentials, Thomas Mulcair is working on protecting his separatist base lest he lose his weak grip on Quebec back to the Bloc.

From the National Post: Jonathan Kay: Hey Thomas Mulcair, remember when leftists took the Charter seriously?

Under Mulcair, the party has turned itself not into a replacement for the Liberals, but rather into a nominally federalist Bloc Québécois: an institutionalized voice of Quebec parochialism.

I just  hope that Justin Trudeau and the born-again Liberal Party are for real and can make some inroads in Quebec asap.