Just when you think the PQ is going to be quiet and stop being overtly racist, along comes the “reasonable accommodations” debate to flare up their purlaine base and create headlines.

Regarding NDG-CDN relaxing parking rules for the Jewish holiday Shavuot – PQ Minister for Encouraging Racism – or whatever they officially call him, Bernard Drainville, comes out with this gem (from: CBC.ca):

“How can we live together in the same society, if we start having different parking regulations according to different religions?”

Why is a provincial minister that doesn’t even represent the NDG-CDN riding chiming in about parking enforcement???!!! Does he have nothing smaller and even less relevant to discuss publicly?

It’s not about a Jewish holiday, big guy – it’s about civility. This is what people do to take care of each other… they make reasonable exceptions for reasonable reasons. This is a part of every day life and it affects more than just Jews. It’s about living in a society with other people and treating them properly. I would argue the same for other religions.

Where does it end, Bernard? It doesn’t. Get over it.