From The National Post: Graeme Hamilton: No mystery why Quebec grocer would think she could ban employees from speaking English

In truth, it is no mystery why a Quebec grocer would think she had the right to dictate what language her workers spoke, even in their free time. She need only take her cue from the state, which routinely sends the message that French must prevail from the schoolyard to the boardroom.

When the current racist and generally bigoted PQ minority government was elected last fall, they made it clear that this is exactly what they want. “There is no language police, it’s not possible to organize that. What is possible is for all Quebec citizens to be language sentries,” said Diane de Courcy at a press conference.

Isn’t that what the owner and the managers of this IGA are doing? Isn’t that what the supposedly over-zealous OQLF inspectors were doing when Pastagate and all the ensuing nonsense that followed broke? The PQ saw how badly the OQLF was embarrassing Quebec and backtracked, and so did the OQLF itself… but when the government actively engages the most bigoted and narrow-minded aspects of society to callously ride a wave of anti-English and anti-minority xenophobia to power, results like this should be expected.

The bottom line is that the people in charge of the PQ right now represent the very worst parts of our society and we need to be rid of them. The next budget and the resulting vote of non-confidence can’t come soon enough.