Just wanted to give Home Depot a shout-out for amazing service. My parents got me a Ryobi battery-powered lawn mower for my birthday this year (yes, a gift only a homeowner would appreciate – I loved it!), and it worked great for 4-5 uses and then completely died.

Instead of arguing with me or making chase my tail, the manager at Home Depot gave me a full store credit and recommended another model that’s much more efficient and reliable. No muss, no fuss.

Home Depot can count on my business for a long time coming.

Note: Apparently Ryobi products aren’t bad, just their battery-powered mowers. The lawn mower specialist was adamant that I not replace with the same one, so I ended up getting a plain old push mower. It’s great. If you have 600-700 square feet of land in your yard like I do, a push mower will do the job in 10-15 minutes easily.