It’s pretty clear that this “secularism charter” is just a classic PQ clusterf*** that will blow up in their faces. This is the most dithering, incompetent government we’ve ever seen. I don’t think there are enough pixels on all of the Internet to sum up their insanity, flip flops and pandering.

From the National Post: (PQ leaders know their secularism plan is illegal. They just don’t care.)

It’s an unprecedented attempt at social engineering, even by Quebec standards. The PQ is telling Quebecers that a secular state can only be achieved if the free-thinking individuals who make up the state’s institutions tacitly renounce their religious beliefs publicly. It’s a stance that is, of course, preposterous, irresponsible and a blatant violation of one’s freedom of expression and religion that would never hold up in court.

This charter is not only going to fail badly in the National Assembly, it’s going to ratchet up the hatred spewing from public smoke blowers like Benoit Dutrizac (the same guy who not long ago declared that pur-laine Quebecois should fart in the streets of Hampstead on Yom Kippur).

But it won’t even be good enough for the Dutrizacs of the world because now the PQ is saying that institutions can “opt out” of the charter altogether, defeating it’s entire purpose.

From (New charter of ‘Quebec values’ may permit opting out)

The province plans to introduce its bill for the charter during the autumn sitting of the national assembly, and many cultural groups fear that it could be extended to include a ban on wearing religious symbols in public workplaces such as government offices, hospitals, and universities … hospitals such as Santa Cabrini—which serves the Italian community—or the Montreal Jewish General, may choose to opt out, which … will divide people in Quebec.

The spring budget and inevitable fall of this preposterous PQ government can’t come soon enough.