So the PQ decided to possibly, maybe, but probably not, but maybe, but maybe not allow institutions to temporarily opt out of its vile Quebec Charter of Racism Values:

From The Gazette:

“The spirit of the opting-out clause is to help municipalities and hospitals that have particular personalities anchored in religious communities to have an easier transition period,” Jean-François Lisée said.

Well, considering that many institutions and municipalities have said they won’t even participate in the law to begin with, who really gives a s*** what Lisée and his band of bigots think?

This is an unjust proposal that will not stand. If the law passes, it will be the most divisive law in  modern Canadian history and stories of Muslim women being harassed and spat on in shopping malls and on buses will only be the tip of the iceberg.

The only solace is knowing that the PQ will not last through the next budget and hopefully sanity will prevail with a new, non-racist government.