Pauline Marois and her incompetent minority PQ government pulled a good one with the school boards… in short, they cut $200 million from the school boards, told them to make up the difference themselves including using tax increases, then came back after the fact and not only told the boards they can’t increases taxes, but that they must refund $100 million to the tax payers.

So let’s get this straight: Instead of telling the boards to trim the fat with reasonable cuts, the PQ axed $200 million in one fell swoop and then lied to the boards about how they’ll have to recoup the money. Yes, the boards should cut back, but if you’re trying to trim a few bucks off your expenses, you stop ordering out so often, you don’t stop eating altogether.

Now, instead of being responsible, she’s taking a CAQ proposal to eliminate school boards (which she opposed) and using it as a threat.

From The Gazette:

When asked by Josée Bouchard, president of the Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec, in the meeting whether (a new committee Marois is setting up) could recommend abolishing the school boards, the premier replied that “everything is on the table.”

Remember the hospital cuts the PQ imposed in the 90s? Y’ever seen the movie Groundhog Day…?