While the Marois government throws up smoke and mirrors about what’s important in Quebec, our economy continues to suffer. On the other hand, the Couillard Liberals have loudly stood up to the PQ in the fight against the “Charter of Hate Values” and have an economic plan, and the CAQ has been talking about the economy non-stop.

Francois Legault addressed the widening income gap in the 2012 election debates and got little traction at the time. Now we’re seeing the issue come up more and more in mainstream media.

From CBC.ca: Quebec could soon be poorest province

The research conducted by HEC’s Centre for Productivity and Prosperity found that between 1978 and 2009 net average household income gains in all other provinces outstripped Quebec’s gains.

It’s not a shock to me that the period of 1978 to 2009 corresponds directly the the traditional Liberal/PQ back-and-forth that we’ve gone through in this province the last 30+ years. We’ve spent so much time and energy debating la question nationale that we’ve let our highways and buldings crumble and our economy suffer. Simply put, nobody’s been behind the wheel economically for years.

It’s time for the paradigm shift that was started before the ADQ went all “Hérouxville” on us. Before Mario Dumont sold out in favour of identity politics, the debate had been shifting from yes/no to right/left – which is the normal debate a society should be having. The CAQ took up the mantle of paradigm-shifting and is looking for a compromise on identity; the PLQ is looking to end the identity debate as well and focus on the economy.

There are two legitimate plans to bring the economy forward: The CAQ’s “Projet St-Laurent” and the PLQ’s “Plan Nord.”

The PQ’s plan? More identity politics and a giant step backwards.