The minority PQ government is going to make things a lot tougher for all minorities when it tables its Charter of Racism Values tomorrow. I’ve never been as concerned for society as I am now. While I personally disagree with the entire concept of limiting religious freedoms under the guise of state neutrality (which in and of itself is completely flawed and won’t even work), at the very least the PQ could have simply proposed to implement the recommendations of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission and they would at least have a leg to stand on.

Instead, they’re going to push for the most divisive and offensive version possible of their proposed law in order to stoke the fires of the most bigoted and racist of our society and strike fear into the hearts of the uneducated.

From Quebec Muslim women ‘scared to walk alone’

In recent weeks, the Quebec Collective Against Islamophobia (Collectif Québécois contre l’Islamophobie) said it has seen a 300 per cent increase in complaints about anti-Muslim attacks.

This is a trend we’re only going to see rise while this abhorrent and ultimately pointless debate rages over the next few months. What started with a group of uneducated bigots in Hérouxville who have most likely never seen a Muslim unless it was a terrorist being shown on TVA, has now escalated to the National Assembly.

I can only hope the CAQ and PLQ stick to their word and refuse to support the over-the-top law the PQ is going to propose tomorrow.

As I said, I don’t believe any of this is necessary, but we can reach compromise at Bouchard-Taylor. They are the experts and if any law has to be passed to reach consensus, their recommendations should become that law.

Hopefully the opposition will stop this charter in in tracks and the electorate will follow up by turfing the PQ next spring.

Translation: Hey, you, immigrant who's not happy here. Go back to your country to find happiness.
Hey, you, immigrant who’s not happy here. Go back to your country to find happiness.