The PQ missed its budget projection by roughly the equivalent startup cost for a new Deathstar.
The PQ missed its budget projection by roughly the equivalent startup cost for a new Deathstar.

From Quebec to end fiscal year with $2.5B deficit

Quebec is expected to end the current fiscal year with a $2.5 billion deficit, despite a promise from the Parti Québécois government to balance the books by next spring.

I get it, Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau… sometimes it can be tough to make a budget work. When I went to pay my $1,000 Visa bill last month, I had about $985 and had to scrounge up the last 15 bucks. That’s kind of like missing your budget by TWO AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS! People should be more understanding.

That’s up from the $1.6 billion deficit left behind by the former Liberal government before the PQ took power in 2012.

If you think about, Nick, the Liberals had the nerve to leave you $1.6 billion in the hole when you came in. It took them nine years to get there. You must’ve just been like “well if they can go under by $1.6 billion in nine years and the people of Quebec still gave them 50 seats in the last election, why shouldn’t I do my darnedest to try and double that sucker in just over a year?” It’s really not your fault that clearly nobody in your office knows how to count, or, you know, perform the basic functions of a finance department.

Still, Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau says he is satisfied with how his government is handling the economy, blaming the inflated deficit on factors beyond the control of the government.

Speaking of fault – yeah man, I get it. You and your government can’t be at fault for missing your budget projection by TWO AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS! I mean, how could the people of Quebec expect their finance minister to be expected to project such things as “a drop in consumer spending, low inflation, a sluggish housing market and lower than expected tax revenues all contributed to lower revenues this year.” How could you have known? What are you, some guy who’s supposed to be able to evaluate the economy and budget for the coming fiscal year or something?

He said the financial outlook should improve over the next year. He predicts the government will end 2014-15 with a deficit of $1.75 billion.

So, going by your terrific performance in the last year, if you were supposed to be at zero deficit after a year-and-a-half of governance and you’re saying we’ll be around $1.75 billion by the end of the 2014-15 fiscal year, that means we should really expect a deficit of something like $4 or $5 billion, right? Because, well, what’re you supposed to do? Tell the truth or something?

Reality check time

God-willing (see what I did there, Nick & Pauline… Bill 60… get it?), the PQ will be knocked out of government when their disastrous budget is defeated this spring. That will leave a dogfight between the PLQ and the CAQ and hopefully voters will realize it’s time to give a party that knows how to count a chance.

François Legault is the only party leader with a proven history of success in business. While airlines were failing left and right in the late 80s and early 90s, he built Air Transat into a powerhouse that is a beacon of successful Quebec business to this day. Legault is ready to move past La question nationale and have federalists and separatists work together to build a better place and, you, know, not miss a budget projection by toughly the equivalent startup cost of the Deathstar.

It’s time for change. Now.