As virtually no one has a good argument for voting for the Liberal Party of Quebec instead of against the PQ, it’s important to break the myth of “a vote for anyone other than the PLQ is a vote for the PQ.”

While that may have been true before 2007 when the ADQ decimated the PQ and started the movement towards a true three-party system in Quebec, it simply isn’t the case anymore.

Anglos, allos and all federalists needn’t be frightened of the PQ squeaking into power because the CAQ is successful.

A quick look last four elections shows that the ADQ did serious damage to both the Liberals and Péquistes in 2007, which translated to a three-way split in 2007, 2008 and 2012. The three-party system is entrenched.

A strong CAQ means a weak PQ

While the Liberal power base is in Montreal, the PQ’s power base is in “les régions” (rural areas) of the province where the CAQ is also extremely viable. In the 2012 election, the first that was contested by the CAQ, the Coalition won seven seats from the PQ, six from the PLQ and held six former ADQ seats that had already transferred to the CAQ between elections.

Had the CAQ not won the seats it did and they were split evenly between the Liberals and PQ, Quebec would have seen a majority PQ government in office and all the pain and misery that would have come with it.

With a stronghold in Quebec City, this spring’s election will pit the CAQ against the PQ in the 450 donut around Montreal and in many of the rural areas. The CAQ’s other front will be traditional Liberal ridings in Montreal. As we’ve seen in the last three elections, it’s important people be open to change and vote based on what they think is right, not on who they think is wrong.

It’s time for a strong three-party system in Quebec – the result will be less power for the incompetent, anti-business, anti-Anglo, anti-immigrant PQ, less power for the corrupt and apathetic Liberals, and more power for the people of Quebec with a strong CAQ.

Some people think voting for the CAQ will lead to a PQ win. The numbers say otherwise.
Some people think voting for the CAQ will lead to a PQ win. The numbers say otherwise.