You don’t have to be a political junkie to see the forest for the trees: After nine years of an inert Liberal government, we’ve now experienced a year-and-a-half of complete and utter insanity with the PQ in charge. For a generation, we’ve rotated between the PLQ and the PQ and the result is clear: Quebec is way, and I mean, way, way, way behind.

Montreal used to be the shining beacon of Canada; today, it’s a shadow of its former self because the PQ has done its best to destroy it and blame Canada, while successive Liberal governments have done little but oppose the PQ, spend money buying votes, and it sure looks like both parties have taken a lot of money from people they probably shouldn’t have to maintain their support. That much has been made clear by the Charbonneau Commission.

Anglos, Allos & all federalists: Take a hard look at the CAQ

Trust me, I get it. I understand the “wolf-in-sheep’s clothing” fear federalists and anglophones in particular have about François Legault and the Coalition Avenir Québec. There is no one north of the 49th parallel who is more proud to be Canadian than I am, and I understand the concerns: Legault, after all, was a PQ minister in the Lucien Bouchard government and has been known to be an avowed separatist. Now, as leader of the CAQ, Legault has made it clear to all Quebecers that the sovereignty movement is no longer feasible and it’s time to move on to a new projet rassembleur.

That’s why I joined the CAQ. It’s a party of federalists and separatists working together to make Quebec a better, stronger place.

The CAQ is unimpeachable when it comes to ethics: For starters, one of its major figures, Jacques Duchesneau, is basically the reason the Charbonneau Commission happened to begin with. He has long been one of Quebec’s strongest figures in the fight against corruption.

Another example is the case of former CAQ MNA Daniel Ratthé. While the PLQ and the PQ close ranks and deny, deny, deny when it comes to their members being accused at Charbonneau, Legault did the responsible thing with Ratthé his name was hinted at and expelled him from caucus pending investigation. Better to lose a seat and maintain credibility than to hide and hope the problem blows over like the two old parties have always done.

These are just a couple of small examples of why the CAQ is the best party for all Quebecers.

There will be many more to come.