It’s official – I have been announced as the candidate for the Coalition Avenir Québec in the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce for the coming election. I am extremely proud to have the chance to represent the communities of NDG and Montreal West that make up the riding. I grew up in the schools and streets of NDG & MoWest and own a home with my wife in NDG today. I know this community and I can make a difference for the people of the area if elected.

I refuse to accept the way the Liberal Party of Quebec has outright ignored our community for a generation. I refuse to accept the way the Parti Québécois has aggressively attacked our community for a generation. The PQ/PLQ government-in-rotation has left Quebec’s economy in a dire state and we need change. That is one of the main reasons I got on board with the CAQ.

Perhaps even more disheartening is the way a generation of young people have become almost entirely disengaged with Quebec politics, feeling neglected and like there’s nothing they can do about the state of our province. This has led to the sentiment of “well, if things get too bad around here, I’ll just leave.” It’s time we stand up and be proud to be Québécois in this community. Being proud to be from Quebec and being proud to be Canadian are not mutually exclusive concepts, but we’ve allowed the PQ to co-opt the flag of Quebec as separatist propaganda.

The flag of Quebec is our flag. Quebec is our home. It’s time we stand together and make a difference for our community and I promise to do just that if elected by the people of NDG and Montreal West.

If you choose to elect Noah Sidel to represent the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce , I will do you proud.

Thank you!


Here’s the official press release announcing my candidacy



Montreal, Feb. 14, 2014 – The Coalition Avenir Québec is proud to announce the candidacy of Noah Sidel in the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in the coming election. He joins François Legault and his team in the defence of taxpayers and the re-launch of Quebec’s economy.

A sports journalist and communications expert
Holder of a BA in journalism from Concordia University, Noah Sidel has been working as freelance journalist since 2004. From 2004-2010, he also worked in the Montreal Alouettes’ communications and marketing department, managing the team’s social media network and crafting the team’s digital marketing program.

He currently serves as the Vice President of Operations & Marketing with National Dispatch Services, a bilingual Montreal-based, family-owned enterprise that employs a dozen people. He grew up in the NDG community and owns a home there today with his wife and two young children.

A fresh face on François Legault’s team
François Legault is pleased to have Noah Sidel join the Coalition Avenir Québec team for the coming campaign. “Noah is a young father who has had an impressive career to date. I am certain he will contribute strongly to our mission of lowering the tax burden on Quebec’s families. I wish him the best of success and I look forward to working with Noah to re-launch the economy of Quebec.”