The PQ has decided to hack the budgets of Montreal’s outstanding cancer care units, in particular cutting 40 per cent of the Jewish General Hospital’s radiotherapy budget. The CAQ has immediately come out in defence of patient rights and the excellent care given at Montreal’s outstanding cancer centres:

The CAQ position is:

Cases of cancer patients being turned away from hospitals in Montreal are coming up one after another: It is totally unacceptable that a person diagnosed with cancer is turned away from an excellent hospital because of where he or she lives. PQ Health Minister Réjean Hébert is misleading people when he says that money follows the patients; this is not the case because budgets are calculated on a historical basis.

We must reverse this approach and ensure that every patient has the right to be treated in hospitals in Montreal, regardless of place of residence.

The Liberals may have a position in place at some point, which will probably change three or four times, but then will, probably, be there policy. Until it PhilippeFlops again.