I was completely blown away by a statement I read in today’s Gazette letters to the editor:

…at least should the Liberals win a majority, it will give us an extra four years to improve our infrastructure, health care and education, and to build a better economy.

Is this person kidding? The Liberals did nothing for nine years in government but put us deeper into debt and set the stage for the insanity we’re living today with the PQ. The Liberals are complicit in the mess we’re experiencing today, not the answer to it!

Vote for change. The CAQ is the only party positioned to start the path towards fixing Quebec’s economy. Four more years of Liberal governance will only lead to even greater insanity down the line when the PQ has even more ammunition to divide Quebecers.

We need unity, not incompetence.

Break the cycle of the PQ/Liberal government-in-rotation.