My father lived through the battles of the 1970s and watched large portions of our family leave for Toronto and elsewhere, but he stayed and chose to make his life and establish his family here in Montreal. He is a proud Canadian, but, like many anglophones of his generation, has had some difficulty being proud of being a Quebecer because of the way the word “Québécois” has been hijacked by the PQ and the separatist movement.

My father has supported me throughout my entry into politics and has come around to not only understand why I joined the CAQ, but as a result has become more proud of his Quebec heritage.

The following is a letter he wrote for my blog to share his opinion on what this election is about:

I have always been a proud Canadian and Quebecer. I grew up in a in Montreal and have lived here and prospered all of my life. The threat of losing my country has been a dominating concern for me and my generation. I have heard lots of complaints and rhetoric from many of my contemporaries, but none of them have actually become actively  involved in any political arena.

My son has understood that he has a civic duty to pursue change and make our province in general and NDG in particular, a safe and better place to live in. I support Noah’s passion to serve the people of NDG with new ideas and a positive approach to governance.

He has been embraced by the CAQ because he holds no old prejudices or allegiances to policies that never seem to better us.

He is an inspiration to my generation and a wonderful role model to his. I feel confident that he and his like will instill in their children, the desire and courage to fight for the just  cause.

We need more Noahs.