It’s not a secret the Quebec Liberal Party butchered NDG’s already iffy traffic situation when prepping and planning the Superhospital, creating what I call “Fortress NDG” – only, everyone is stuck inside and can’t get out instead of the other way around.

That said, the reserved bus lanes the STM put in this week on Sherbrooke have been headline news in our community for months. The drivers getting ticketed for parking in these lanes have been given more than ample warning and, while I sympathize with the merchants who are affected by the afternoon parking restrictions, the lanes are necessary and people will have to adapt.

It’s not helpful to local businesses, but it won’t be doomsday for restaurants and shops if people can’t park on Sherbrooke for short trips during the afternoon rush hour. The truth is if you want a good cannoli, you’re going to find a way to get to Pasta Casareccia; if you want the best cheeseburger in NDG or a late-afternoon breakfast, a bus lane won’t stop you from getting to Cosmo. Don’t tell me you’re going to buy your guitar strings somewhere else because you had to look a little harder for parking or take the bus to get to Jimi’s Music Store.

People have to adapt or be trapped. They’ll adapt.

It’s too late for the Quebec Liberals to reverse time and actually plan this work out so thousands and thousands of people aren’t trapped. They’re not interested in NDG’s needs, just NDG’s votes. The solution is for us to deal with the hand we’ve been dealt and that means a little more convenience for bus riders and a little less for drivers.

In the meantime, the signs are clear. There’s no reason for this (from

Dozens of drivers who parked on Sherbrooke Street West in NDG on Monday were slapped with $148 tickets for parking in the new reserved bus lanes that opened.

Starting Monday, a new bus lane came into effect in NDG along Sherbrooke Street West — between between Girouard and Elmhurst avenues.


Pic from same article by Raffy Boudjikanian/CBC
Pic from same article by Raffy Boudjikanian/CBC