On Tuesday, most of Quebec will be celebrating La fête nationale, otherwise known as St-Jean Baptiste. Unfortunately, large numbers of people living west of St. Lawrence St., so to speak, will not be taking part.

The June 24 holiday is supposed to be a day of celebration for all of the Québécois nation, but over the last generation, we’ve allowed the PQ and the separatist movement to exclude our community from that nation, no matter how integral we are to the fabric of this society.

The decline of the PQ and its bigoted, exclusionary version of what Quebec should be, however, provides us with a unique opportunity not only to stand up for our place in the province, but also to show francophone Quebec that we want to be part of their community.

On Tuesday, I hope members of the Anglophone community show up en masse to St-Jean parties and show that they’re proud to be Québécois. I know my family will.

Bonne St-Jean to ALL Quebecers!

From La Presse: Une fête à moderniser

Pour que le 24 juin devienne une véritable fête nationale, celle de tous les Québécois, elle doit aussi accueillir sa principale minorité. Ce serait une façon, pour les Québécois francophones, de s’affranchir du nationalisme frileux, de montrer leur maturité et leur confiance en eux-mêmes. Et de faire en sorte que le thème de la fête de cette année, «Nous sommes le Québec», ait vraiment un sens.

Pic gratuitously borrowed from: http://oneyearofdesign.com/project/bonne-st-jean-day-14/
Pic gratuitously borrowed from: http://oneyearofdesign.com/project/bonne-st-jean-day-14/